Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see job opportunities?

In our email newsletters. When you sign up you’ll receive exclusive editorial briefings on current sustainability solutions and information on associated job openings. You can then follow the links to the respective job opportunities.

What will you do with the information I submit?

Your information will only be used to inform you of interesting sustainability content and open positions. For more details, please read our Privacy Policy.

Will you charge me for the service?

No. Browsing our website and reading our newsletter will always be free. We plan to monetize through employers.

How do you select your content?

Our editors only post intentional, strategic projects, products and solutions that have the potential for significant and ideally measurable environmental benefits such as reducing greenhouse gases, toxins, and other harmful emissions; more efficient use of natural resources; decarbonizing our economy; reducing waste and moving towards a circular economy; or protecting the health of our oceans, other natural environments, and biodiversity.

In addition, we focus on solutions that we think you will find especially interesting – innovative approaches, breakthrough techniques, large-scale applications, huge potential impact. It’s admittedly a somewhat subjective process, and we are working on formalizing our approach while keeping our human touch in curating and summarizing the solutions.

Do companies pay to have their solutions represented?

Companies and other organizations cannot “buy” their way onto our site. Companies are welcome to submit their solutions for consideration, but our editors decide if a solution meets our criteria for inclusion.

We may offer employers the opportunity to present their solutions in richer detail or preferred positions as a paid upgrade on our website and in our newsletter. However, these solutions will need to meet the same strict editorial standards for significant environmental impact and will be clearly marked as a paid upgrade.

How do you make money?

By helping employers find the professionals and skilled workers they need to advance their sustainability solutions.

Are you a non-profit?

No, we are a for-profit company with a “double bottom line”, meaning that our goals are twofold: We strive to have positive environmental impact and be financially sound. 

How will you create environmental impact? 

We aim to have positive environmental impact through multiple mechanisms:

The right talent for the right job – We mobilize professionals who want to work for our planet and help them find employers where their skills are needed for sustainability solutions. This increases the chances that employers find the most motivated, skilled people, enabling faster and better development and implementation of sustainability solutions.

Changing the behavior of organizations – We’ll put the pressure on in two ways: Highly desirable, hard-to-reach talent show that they are eager to work in jobs and on solutions that benefit our planet, sending employers a clear message that they need to step up and do more for climate and environment. And highlighting environmental solutions on our platform creates friendly competition between organizations and regions to do more for a sustainable future.

Investing in the environment – We plan to invest a portion of our future profits into promising technologies and organizations that fight climate change and environmental degradation. 

Our work has additional benefits: 

We empower people to find their purpose and calling by showing them the possibilities, inviting them to become part of a talent movement and helping them connect to the right opportunities. 

We offer hope and optimism by displaying some of the good work that is already addressing climate change and environmental degradation. 

I see the names of some big polluters on your website – please explain!

We intentionally focus on solutions, and not on entire companies (unless the company’s sole purpose is a sustainability technology or solution). We applaud and encourage all serious solutions that help our climate and environment and make organizations and their products and services more sustainable. 

We actually think that some of the biggest impact will be achieved when the biggest offenders and their products pollute less, conserve resources, produce less emissions or toxins etc. 

We encourage you to do your own research on a potential employer and to decide for yourself where and how you want to make an impact.

I have other questions, comments or feedback!

Great – we’d love to hear from you! Email us at hello at workforyourworld dot com

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